wow been a long time
well i havent done this in a long long long time lol just going to update a little, always on myspace now haha, umm this week i think i'm suppose to hang out with apiffany and be her barbie doll, score! lol and then this weekend lauren, brandi, ivy, myself, and some others are suppose to go hang out at the mall, sweetness, thinking about cutting my hair and getting it all awesomeness, went to a show and met some kickass ppl saturday, umm thats about it lol my life is great sometimes but boring others, but thats all toodles<3

yep more pictures
yep more pictures of my friends and i on st patties day, take a look:D


i actaully look strong here!

me in girly clothes

holy poo i'm jesus!

billy and i acting like mecho men, hellz yea!

from left to right: chubby, jordan, brandi, ivy, and i

from right to left: brandi, ivy, billy(with arms up), jordan, and i took this picture so it sucks it up

all of them are on my photobucket:D

yea well i've noticed a lot of ppl don't know what i look like so i am going to post some pictures:D

picture of me i like
yea i like this picture of me

same picture but closer up lol

i got suprised lol

really damn tired then

reading the award i won where i made the kid that lost cry, totally didnt mean to

my awful attempt at an emo bang lol ewww

compare and contrast
umm last year at this time I:

Wore tan nickie shoes
had SHORT hair
Was a preverted bastard
Didnt even think of love yet i longed for it but didnt know it
Didnt like the music i do now
Wore a lot of preppy clothes
Did ok in school
played computer games

This Year:
Wear Chucks, a studded belt, a heartagram belt buckle<3
Have long shaggy hair
Wear eye liner and finger nail polish sometimes
Want love am not a prev any more
Love almost all music
Wear a lot of punkish and emo clothes, mainly tight stuff
Do ok in school if i care to
Love and hate life at the same time
want to get inked and pierced
want black hair
play guitar and don't touch games anymore

umm which do i like more? umm i think i like now more

(no subject)
i don't know anymore, hahah, o well, don't care anymore either, hey life kicks you in the nuts sometimes, but i fucking kick it back.

you believe in fate, you believe you have no control, no power, nothing over what you are or will be....

you don't believe in fate, what is the point of life? what if you fail and loose it all?

Either way, you're fucked in a bad way.

Questions help us grow, if you follow ANYTHING blindly you are a fool and deserve to be killed slowly for being so stupid.

There arent always answers to the questions we ask.....so do like preachers, politicans, parents, and everyone else does...lie...a lot....

o well just some things you should know.

Friends Only
Welp i've finally made this thing friends only, leave a comment to be added!


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